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School Boundary Maps

The Mukwonago Area School District, located in eleven different municipalities in southeastern Wisconsin, covers a 90 square mile area in Waukesha county Wisconsin, 30 miles southwest of Milwaukee. It includes six elementary schools, one middle school, one high school.
Click the map image below to view a large PDF map of our district.
  • When the PDF opens, use the zoom in/zoom out controls near the top of the screen or in your view menu to expand/shrink the map.
  • Map does not include: Eagleville Charter Elementary, Park View Middle School, and Mukwonago High School
Questions about the Enrollment Boundaries assigned to your neighborhood?
Please contact us at (262) 363-6300, x24115.
boundary map
*PDF Map Legend:
Orange = Prairie View Elementary
Green = Rolling Hills Elementary
Blue = Section Elementary
Pink = Clarendon Elementary
Purple = Big Bend Elementary
* Eagleville Elementary Charter School is available to all elementary students living within the district boundaries.