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District News

Communication is a top priority in the Mukwonago School District. Below is a summary of the most commonly used communication tools employed by school staff to provide information to students, staff, and the community.  If you have any questions about how the district provides information, please send your questions to or call 262-363-6300, x24500.
Digital Communication

Digital Communication

  • School website menu links
  • Social Media Channels (see below)
  • Digital Signage (PVMS/MHS)
  • Shoutpoint Email / Text Alerts (see below)
  • Teacher Emails/Teacher Websites (directory)
District Level Social Media and App Accounts

District Level Social Media and App Accounts

(many schools also have their own social media accounts; see upper right corner of each school's home page)
handle: @masdschools
handle: #masdschools