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Welcome to Mukwonago!

Dr. Joe KochThe Mukwonago Area School District is a high-performing school district powered by hard-working and dedicated staff members, a supportive and passionate community, and energetic and enthusiastic students.  Together, they exemplify our district’s motto:  “Students, Staff, and Community - Building Better Schools Together.”
I am excited to join this community and continue the rich history of Mukwonago schools as we look to build an even brighter future for our students!
If you are visiting this page as a member of our community, thank you for your continued support!  You are an enormous part of the success of our schools.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions, compliments, or concerns.
If you are visiting as a prospective family, we welcome you to tour our schools and see what our success is all about.  Our district is located in a beautiful corner of Waukesha County featuring safe communities, scenic spaces and waterways, recreation for all, and abundant economic opportunities.  I’m sure you will find the different municipalities which make up the Mukwonago Area School District, including the Village and Town of Mukwonago, the Villages of Big Bend, North Prairie, Vernon, and Waukesha, and the towns of Eagle, Ottawa, and East Troy, a fantastic place to live.
Dr. Joe Koch