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School Safety

The safety of students and staff is our top priority in the Mukwonago Area School District.  MASD remains diligent in our efforts to keep our children safe through a variety of practices and ongoing planning.
Ongoing safety practices:

Ongoing safety practices:

  • School Resource Officers (SROs) at both Mukwonago High School and Park View Middle School
  • Safety plans that are reviewed and approved annually by the MASD school board
  • Locked, secure schools with supervised main entrances at all schools
  • All visitors require official identification and background checks prior to entering our schools and working with students
  • Completion of all state-required annual drills, including two lockdown drills
School Safety Initiative Grant:

School Safety Initiative Grant:

In 2018, the Wisconsin Department of Justice accepted grant applications from schools to fund enhancements to school safety and security.  MASD was awarded over $400,000 from this grant which was used for a number of projects in the district:
  • Renovated, secure entrances at Prairie View Elementary and Section Elementary
  • Application of safety film in key areas at our schools
  • Implementation of the Raptor visitor management system to provide background checks of visitors
  • Purchase of additional surveillance cameras for key locations in our schools
  • Installation of additional door control key access points 
  • Purchase of new portable radios
Additional projects will be completed by August 2020, including the installation of repeaters for our radio system to provide the ability to link to local law enforcement, replacement of antiquated public address systems at Section Elementary and Park View Middle School, installation of additional safety film,  and installation of keyless entry points to interior doors at Mukwonago High School.
Standard Response Protocol

Standard Response Protocol

MASD has adopted The "I Love U Guys" Foundations's Standard Response Protocol (SRP).  Students and staff will be training, practicing, and drilling the protocol.
SRP is based on an all-hazards approach as opposed to individual scenarios.  SRP utilizes clear, common language while allowing for flexibility in protocol.
Speak Up, Speak Out:

Speak Up, Speak Out:

Speak Up Speak Out WisconsinMASD is proud to partner with the Wisconsin Department of Justice to use the new Speak Up, Speak Out (SUSO) confidential reporting system. SUSO allows students and parents to report weapons, threats of violence, bullying, sexual harassment, threat of suicide, drugs, and any other activity that could potentially endanger students, staff, and property.  By using SUSO, students and parents can help keep schools safe, and it’s completely confidential. Learn more on our Speak Up, Speak Out web page.