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Bus / Transportation

Bus Policies & Rules

Bus Policies & Rules

Please watch this video regarding the amber/red school bus warning lights from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The Mukwonago Area School District desires a high level of safety for all bus drivers and students going to and from Mukwonago schools each day.  Students are expected to use good behavior while boarding, riding, and disembarking.


Student Transportation Policies and Rules are as follows:
Bus Transportation Concerns

Bus Transportation Concerns

If you have a concern with your student's transportation with Dousman Transport Company, please click this link and fill out the form.  Upon completing this form, MASD and Dousman Transport will review your concern.  Transportation concerns will be finalized by Friday, September 20, 2024.
Apply for a Pupil Transportation Contract

Apply for a Pupil Transportation Contract

Generally speaking, there are two types of students who do not qualify for yellow school bus transportation:
  • Students who live outside of MASD boundaries and open enroll into MASD
  • Students who live within two miles of their home school (per Wisconsin state law).  Exceptions are made for students who have to cross a hazard along their walking route.  Hazards are identfied by the Waukesha County's Sheriff's Office.  Most commonly, hazards include railroads and county/state/federal highways.  Crosswalks and other similar attributes are considered by the Sheriff's Office in making this determination.
If your MASD student does not qualify for transportation and you would like to purchase transportation for the current school year, please complete this request for a pupil transportation contract by clicking on this link.
The annual cost for daily, round trip transportation is:
  • $550 for the first student
  • Half of this amount for the second student
  • Not additional charge for subsequent students
Dollar amounts will be pro-rated if the contract is not for daily round trip transportation. 
If you have any questions, please contact MASD Transportation Coordinator, Cori Maroszek at
Request a Special Bus Arrangement/Schedule

Request a Special Bus Arrangement/Schedule

All students who qualify for transportation will be picked up and dropped off at their primary household address as listed in Infinite Campus.  If your student requires transportation to/from a location that differs from their primary household, or if they need a temporary schedule, please fill out this form.  Common situations include if your student needs transportation to/from an alternative household, a childcare provider, will utilize before/after school care on certain days of the week (such as early release Wednesdays), or needs a temporary bus schedule.
  • Any student who does not fill out this form will be picked up and dropped off at their primary household address each day. 
  • If you have multiple students who need a specialized bus arrangement, please fill out this form once for each student.
If you have any questions, please contact MASD Transportation Coordinator, Cori Maroszek at
Bus Company Contact Info

Bus Company Contact Info

Dousman Transport
  • Mukwonago Terminal - (262) 363-7176 
    • Serving Big Bend, Clarendon, Eagleville, Rolling Hills, Section, Park View & Mukwonago High School
  • Prairie View Terminal - (262) 392-2243  
    • Serving Prairie View School only
Contact the Bus Company

Contact the Bus Company

  • All students are assumed to be picked up and dropped off at their homes bus stop. A 'Special Arrangement Request Form' must be submitted every year for any situation different from this (i.e. child care, custody arrangements, etc.).   These requests do not carry over from year to year. Request forms must be resubmitted annually. Click here to access our Special Arrangement Request Form.  
  • Special requests received prior to August 1, will go into effect at the start of the year. 
  • Special requests received August 1 or later, will go into effect five business days after the first day of school.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Dousman Transportation at 262.363.7176 or Dousman Transport at 262.392.2243.
  • During the summer, forms must be mailed to the appropriate bus company: 
Dousman Transportation
118 Pleasant Lane
Mukwonago, WI 53149 
Dousman Transport
120 N . Oakridge Drive
North Prairie, WI  53153
Family Messages

Family Messages

Message to Parents:
  • Always make sure your children know your emergency plan if they arrive back from school and you are not at home. These emergencies should be planned for and discussed ahead of time.
Message to Students:
  • Share your seat with students new to your school. They are often shy and afraid to ask to sit by you.
  • Be courteous to others on the bus, including the bus driver. No one enjoys being picked on or treated rudely.
  • Share with a teacher or parent any negative incidents that take place on the bus.
  • Remain seated at all times. The bus driver can't concentrate on the road if you are causing a disturbance.
  • Clean up after yourself if you drop something. It's a good idea to check under your seat before you leave the bus.
  • Be on time each day.
  • Don't ask bus drivers to drop you off in a strange place. They are looking out for your safety.
  • If you miss the bus, notify your parents by phone, so they don't worry about where you are. Have parent phone numbers handy so you can call them from school.