Name Title Email Phone Web site
Kamps, John MHS Technology and Engineering Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25173 Web site
Kane-Terhorst, Heather MHS Special Education Teacher; Jo-2-Go Co-Director and Best Buddies Co-Advisor Email (262) 363-6200 x25111 Web site
Kaplan, Andrea CES Principal Email (262) 363-6286, x22500 Web site
Karthausser, Tom Director of Business Services Email (262) 363-6300, x24102 Web site
Kasbohm, Ken PVMS Math Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27044 Web site
Kasper, Deborah PVMS Sign-Language Oral Interpreter Email (262) 363-6292 Web site
Kelly, Hally PVMS Language Arts Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27025 Web site
Kelly, Kathryn District 4K Teacher Email Web site
Kennedy, Caroline MHS Custodian Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Kerr, Rachel EVES Food Service Email (262) 363-6258 Web site
Kershasky, Jane CES Grade 5 Teacher Email (262) 363-6286. x22060 Web site
Kieler, Kelly SES Speech Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29043 Web site
Kiesow, Melissa BBES Grade 4 Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21302 Web site
Kietzmann, Wendy CES/EVES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Kimminau, Jennifer BBES/CES GT Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21321 and (262) 363-6286, x22052 Web site
Kirch, Eric IT Technical Specialist Email (262) 363-6200, x25702 or (262) 363-6292, x27013 Web site
Klein, Abie MHS Foreign Language Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25247 Web site
Klopatek, Kristina MHS Mathematics Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25274 Web site
Kmak, Claire BBES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21101 Web site
Knoelke, Michelle 4K Teacher - Kids Connection 1 Email Web site
Koceja, Annie CES Early Childhood Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22012 Web site
Koenig, Mary MHS Guidance Administrative Assistant Email (262) 363-6200, x25401 Web site
Koepke, Kristin PVMS Guidance Counselor Email (262) 363-6292, x27401 Web site
Kolby, Charlotte MHS Choral Director Email (262) 363-6200, x25820 Web site
Komar, Vincent MHS Science Teacher / Head Men's Track Coach Email (262) 363-6200, x25284 Web site
Konitzer, Kelly RHES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6318 Web site
Konop, Samantha RHES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6318 Web site
Kopesky, Michael PVMS STEM Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27066 Web site
Korth, Joshua PVMS Physical Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27083 Web site
Korth, Shannon RHES Grade 5 Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28146 Web site
Koshollek, Joseph MHS Science Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25290 Web site
Kossow, Ben Coordinator of Student Assessment Data and Analysis Email (262) 363-6300, x24410 Web site
Koutnik, Jennifer CES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Kovnesky, Dean MHS Building Manager Email (262) 363-6200, x25505 Web site
Kovnesky, Kelly IT Supervisor of Network Operations Email (262) 363-6200, x25700 Web site
Kozlowski, Katy MHS Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25249 Web site
Kozlowski, Kellie BBES Grade 6 Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21310 Web site
Kozlowski, Stephanie EVES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6258 Web site
Kraft, Rodger EVES Custodian Email (262) 363-6258 Web site
Krajnek, Toni CES Clerk Email (262) 363-6286, x22502 Web site
Kratochvil, Amy BBES Art Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21304 Web site
Krecak, Peter SES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6260 Web site
Krejcarek, Molly SES Grade 2 Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29026 Web site
Kroll, Jordan MHS Mathematics Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25234 Web site
Ksobiech, Andrew MHS Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Kuehl, Ruth (Charli) SES Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29011 Web site
Kuhn, Denise SES Custodian Email (262) 363-6260 Web site
Kujawa, Jodie SES Library Technology Specialist Email (262) 363-6260, x29504 Web site
Kujawa, Timothy MHS Guidance Counselor Email (262) 363-6200, x25402 Web site
Kutz, Kathryn CES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6286 Web site