Name Title Email Phone Web site
Abels, Jason MHS Athletic Trainer Email (262) 363-6200, x25587 Web site
Abram, Sarah PVES Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26131 Web site
Ackerman, Dawn MHS PTAG Representative Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Ackerman, Jennifer PVES Early Childhood Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26152 Web site
Adams, David MHS Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Adams, Kari PVMS Library Technology Specialist Email (262) 363-6292, x27504 Web site
Agen, Kristen Elementary Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6300, x24909 Web site
Ahlborn, Traci PVMS Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6292 Web site
Ainsworth, Nichole BBES Grade 2 Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21108 Web site
Allen, Chad RHES Physical Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28196 Web site
Amann, Jean RHES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28164 Web site
Anderson, Evonne PVMS Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6292 Web site
Anderson, Jeff PVMS Building Manager Email (262) 363-6292, x27505 Web site
Anderson, Katherine PVMS Library Clerk Email (262) 363-6292, x27508 Web site
Anderson, Linda MHS Custodian Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Angoli, Emma MHS Music/Band Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25830 Web site
Antrim, James MHS Custodian Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Arenz, Kellie PVMS STEM Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27059 Web site
Arnesen, Laura MHS Administrative Assistant & Scheduler Email (262) 363-6200, x25415 Web site
Arnold, Jennifer RHES Grade 3 Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28132 Web site
Atkinson, Jan RHES Grade 6 Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28152 Web site
Ausprung, Ashley PVES Grade 3 Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26116 Web site
Bachhuber, Becky MHS Pupil Services Support Email (262) 363-6200, x25813 Web site
Bachhuber, Ted MHS Support Staff Email (262) 363-6200, x25100 Web site
Bachofen, Susan MHS Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25289 Web site
Backler, Lisa PVES Custodian Email (262) 392-6310 Web site
Baehman, Heidi MHS Art Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25309 Web site
Bailey, Jacquelyn RHES Interventionist / EVES Spanish Teacher Email (262) 363-6318 Web site
Baker, Jennifer MHS Reading Specialist Email (262) 363-6200, x25406 Web site
Barkley, Jo Ann District Print Technician Email (262) 363-6200, x25540 Web site
Barriere, David MHS Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25287 Web site
Barrios, Angela EVES Kindergarten/Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 363-6258, x23101 Web site
Bartholomay, Sharon CES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Bartkowiak, Kim RHES Recess Monitor Email (262) 363-6318 Web site
Barton, Kyle MHS English Teacher, Yearbook Advisor, IT Academy Board Email (262) 363-6200, x25206 Web site
Barton, Melissa PVES/RHES GT Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28162, (262) 392-6310, x26118 Web site
Baumann, Michele PVES Grade 3 Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26107 Web site
Bauschek, Jill SES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6260 Web site
Bechtel, Sandra SES Instructional Assistang Email (262) 363-6260 Web site
Beckwith, Sandy CES Grade 4 Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22061 Web site
Behling, Bridget MHS Administrative Assistant to the Principal Email (262) 363-6200, x25501 Web site
Behrens, Kaily RHES/SES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29208 Web site
Beinlich, Kaitlin CES Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22036 Web site
Bell, Kate MHS Custodian Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Belot, Sandra MHS Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Bemis, Sherry PVES Food Service Email (262) 392-6310 Web site
Bendler, Rebecca SES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6260 Web site
Bengs, Megan PVES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26164 Web site
Bennett, Julie SES Grade 2 Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29012 Web site
Bennett, Kristine CES Reading Teacher Email (262) 363-6286 x22051 Web site