Bus Policies & Rules

The Mukwonago Area School District desires a high level of safety for all bus drivers and students going to and from Mukwonago schools each day.  Students are expected to use good behavior while boarding, riding, and disembarking. Misbehaving bus riders are subject to discipline according to the Bus Discipline Flowchart.  Student Transportation Policies and Rules are as follows:

 Tips For Safe School Bus Riding   Student Transportation Policies

Bus Route Information

All times are approximate and students need to be out at the stop
at least a couple of minutes prior to time listed.

  • Dousman Transport Routes - (262) 363-7176 
    (serving Big Bend, Clarendon, Eagleville, Rolling Hills, Section, Park View, and MHS)
    Updated 8/24/16
  • Dousman Transport Routes- (262) 392-2243  
    (serving Prairie View School only)
    Updated 8/24/16

Bus Notes to Parents

Elementary school students receiving bus transportation from Dousman Transportation 262-363-7176  (Big Bend, Clarendon, Eagleville, Rolling Hills, Section Elementary), or Dousman Transport 262-392-2243 (Prairie View) should take note of the following practice and deadlines:

All students are assumed to be picked up and dropped off at their homes bus stop.

A 'Special Arrangement Request Form' must be submitted every year for any situation different from this (i.e. child care, custody arrangements, etc.).   These requests do not carry over from year to year. Request forms must be resubmitted annually. You can get this form at your school or print the Transportation - Bus Form located in the Forms web page.

During the summer, forms must be mailed to the appropriate bus company: 


Dousman Transportation
P.O. Box 270
Mukwonago, WI 53149 
262-363-5074 (fax)


-OR-       Dousman Transport
120 N . Oakridge Drive
North Prairie, WI  53153
262-392-9517 (fax)
  • Special requests received prior to August 1, will go into effect at the start of the year. 

  • Special requests received August 1 or later, will go into effect five business days after the first day of school.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Dousman Transportation at 262.363.7176 or Dousman Transport at 262.392.2243.

Bus Tips for Families

  • Message to Parents:

    • Always make sure your children know your emergency plan if they arrive back from school and you are not at home. These emergencies should be planned for and discussed ahead of time.

  • Message to Students:

    • Share your seat with students new to your school. They are often shy and afraid to ask to sit by you.

    • Be courteous to others on the bus, including the bus driver. No one enjoys being picked on or treated rudely.

    • Share with a teacher or parent any negative incidents that take place on the bus.

    • Remain seated at all times. The bus driver can't concentrate on the road if you are causing a disturbance.

    • Clean up after yourself if you drop something. It's a good idea to check under your seat before you leave the bus.

    • Be on time each day.

    • Don't ask bus drivers to drop you off in a strange place. They are looking out for your safety.

    • If you miss the bus, notify your parents by phone so they don't worry about where you are. Have parent phone numbers and spare change handy so you can call them from school or a pay phone. 

Mukwonago Area School District

  • 385 E. Veterans Way, Mukwonago, WI 53149
  • Phone: (262) 363-6300
  • Fax: (262) 363-6272