About the Program

The Health Services Program is part of the district pupil services department. It is overseen by the district school nurse who is supervised by the director of the pupil services department. The district school nurse supervises eight health assistants, one assigned to each of the schools in the district: 6 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. Each health assistant works approximately 6 hours per day.  They are certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation of adults (including Automatic External Defibrillation, AED), children, and infants. They are also certified in first aid. Other necessary training is provided by the district school nurse.

Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Mukwonago Area School District to provide school health services as part of its overall program in student services. These services shall be available to all students in the district and will follow state, federal and local laws and board-approved, administrative policies and guidelines.

The operation and maintenance are only one aspect of the school district’s school health services. There are sets of Emergency Nursing Services guidelines that are consistent among all schools in the district.

The fundamental purpose of school nursing is to help students participate fully in their learning by preventing, removing, and/or reducing health-related barriers that interfere with their development and learning.

Mukwonago Area School District

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