Special All-School Events & Activities


Book Fair

Contact the PTO for more information.
Twice a year, during our parent and grandparent lunch weeks, our PTO coordinates a Scholastic Book Fair. Students also have a chance to shop during their scheduled library time those weeks. Students may bring cash or check to buy books and change will be given. 

End-of-Year Slideshow

Coordinator: Mr. Butalla, ext. 28188
At our final assembly of the year, our students enjoy a slideshow of the important events of the year. The program Windows Movie Maker is used, or the Web 2.0 tool Animoto (online video creation) may be used. 

Geography Bee

Coordinator: Mrs. Atkinson, ext. 28152
Each year, our fourth, fifth, and sixth graders participate in the National Geographic Bee.  First, students participate in a classroom-level bee.  Then, each classroom winner is invited to the school bee.  Participants are invited to join the Geo Bees Club, which meets prior to the geography bee in order to brush up on world geography.

Holiday Sing-Along

Coordinator: Miss Deck, ext. 28214
Each December, students get the chance to participate in a sing-along. The entire student body gathers in the gym to sing and celebrate the holiday season. Songs are practiced during music classes and displayed on the projector in the gym. 

Jump Rope For Heart Events

Coordinator: Mr. Allen, x28196
In January, our students raise money to support the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart Event. Students do different jump rope stations to keep them active for 45 minutes. They jump rope with short ropes, long ropes, hula hoops, and use other equipment to keep their hearts healthy!

Olympic Day

Coordinator: Mr. Allen, x28196
All students participate in Olympic Day near the end of the year. Many running, jumping, track and field, and individual Olympic events are available for students to join in. There is an Opening Ceremony for all grade levels where teams are on display. It doesn't matter if the red, white, or blue team wins- as long as we all have fun and are active!   

Parent & Grandparent Lunch Weeks

Contact the office for more information
In the fall, we have a special week to feature our grandparents. They are invited to lunch and our Scholastic Book Fair. In the spring, we welcome parents for lunch and the Scholastic Book Fair. Grandparents and parents are welcome to come to the book fair during the student's recess time and join them for lunch. Hot lunch can be ordered through the office and information should come home around the time. Check our calendar for more information on dates. 

Read Across America Celebration

Coordinator: Mrs. Coopman, ext. 28504       
Read Across America is a special day to celebrate reading! Many school-wide and classroom events happen this week to celebrate books, authors, and the joy of reading. Read Across America is sponsored by the NEA. Check out the website for dates and details of national events: http://www.nea.org/grants/886.htm

Red Ribbon Week

Coordinator: Mrs. Korth, ext. 28146
Each fall, students renew their pledge to be drug free during Red Ribbon Week. Students have created posters and pledges for classrooms, planned events, and activities. 

School Dance

Coordinator: PTO      
Each year, Rolling Hills hosts a School Dance on a Saturday. In coordination with the dance, each class creates a themed basket for our basket raffle. Students and families may buy tickets for the raffle the week before and winners are announced at the dance. 


Senior Salute for Rolling Hills Alumni

Contact the office for more information.
Each spring, Rolling Hills invites the high school graduating class who attended Rolling Hills to a reception. Memorabilia is displayed, along with newspaper articles, work, and creations by the students that they created during their time at Rolling Hills Elementary. 

Spelling Bee

Coordinator: Mrs. Barton x28216
Our fifth and sixth grade students participate in the Scripp's National Spelling Bee.  The preliminary round takes place in classrooms, and the top two winners from each classroom advance to the school spelling bee.

Student-Staff Basketball Game

Coordinator: Mr. Allen, x28196
Each spring, sixth graders take on the teachers in a basketball game.  It's always a great event for everyone!

Turkey Trot

Coordinator: Mr. Allen, ext. 28196
Each fall, students kick off the holiday season with a two-mile fitness walk the day before Thanksgiving break.  After warmups in the gym, classrooms buddy up and make a walk through the neighborhood to nearby Lauren Park and back.  Thanks to a generous donation by the Elegant Farmer, students enjoy a crisp fall apple when they return to school.

VIP Breakfast

Contact the PTO for more information.
The VIP breakfast is open to all students and families to join us for breakfast one time a year. A hot breakfast is served in the gym to all who attend and is coordinated with a pajama day so everyone is comfortable and cozy!

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