Clubs/Activities During the School Day

Battle of the Books

Advisor: Mrs. Coopman, ext. 28504

Battle of the Books is a trivia contest related to 15 assigned chapter books. Students in grades 4-6 form a team of 3 or 4 players and read the specific books and hopefully pay close attention to detail! Students compete against other teams in their grade level for the first place title. Students must answer questions with both the title and author of the correct book. The winning 6th grade team will compete against schools in the state using a set of online questions. For the book list, please see the website for WEMTA and reference the Elementary Division:

Butterfly Garden Club

Advisor: Mrs. Gorman & Mrs. Atkinson

The Mariposa Dreams Butterfly Garden Club meets from mid-winter through the end of the year with the purpose of caring for the school’s beautiful butterfly garden. The garden is located on the hillside on the north side of the school building. Everyone is encouraged to visit the butterfly garden to enjoy nature.

Crane Foundation Art Exchange Project

Advisor: Mrs. Falk, ext. 28156        

Rolling Hills Sixth Graders are participating in an “Art Exchange” with students from Cuba as well as classroom study in science and language arts focusing on cranes/environmental sensitivity. Korie Klink, a crane specialist as well as a graduate student at UW-Stevens Point, obtained grants to support this project. What began as a field trip to explore the world of the cranes blossomed into an international exchange of artwork, friendship, crane conservation, and peace!

Under the direction of our art teacher, Mrs. Klug, and the sixth grade teachers, Pat Falk, Terri Herrera, and Jan Atkinson; the sixth graders are creating magnificent crane artwork. The art will be combined with 1,000 paper origami cranes to accompany Korie Klink to Cuba in February 2011 on a goodwill/educational expedition to support the habitats of the Cuban sandhill cranes as well as to foster connections between students of the two countries.  In addition to the creation of the artwork, students are developing several written projects including “Thousand Cranes” books and acrostic poetry.

Geo Bees Club

Advisors: Mrs. Atkinson, ext. 28152, Mrs. Herrera, ext. 28154

In preparation for our school's geography bee, students are invited to meet during several lunch recesses in November and December to hone their geography skills and study up on places that may be the topic of questions in the bee.  Students use the internet and print resources to explore the world.  Any student in grades 4-6 with an interest in geography are encouraged to attend.

Math Olympiad

Advisor: Mrs. Barton, ext. 28128

Math Olympiad is an international math competition.  Students compete monthly in a five question contest.  The scores are tracked both individually and as a team.  Trophies, medals, and certificates are awarded at the end of the year for top point earners.  The Rolling Hills Math Olympiad consists of two teams of 20 students each in grades 5 and 6.

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Rollin' Raptor News

Advisors: Mrs. Barton, ext. 28128 and Mrs. Coopman, ext. 28504

Broadcasting every Friday morning at 8:35 a.m. throughout the school, students in grades 5-6 act as anchors for our weekly news show.  Students in other grades participate by submitting videos or making presentations during the show. Students also run the camera and sound system for this weekly production! You can watch us LIVE (the show is not recorded and is only available Fridays at 8:35am) at


Advisor: Mrs. Herrera, ext. 28138
Students in Mrs. Herrera's fourth grade class take part in the SCRIBE program. In its eleventh year, SCRIBE stands for Shared Composition and Reading: an Intergenerational Bookmaking Experience. The fourth graders meet with residents of Linden Ridge Senior Residence once a month to share children's literature.  They interact on a project related to the story, and then return to school to write an essay.  The writings of the students and seniors are compiled and published in an anthology at the end of the year.

Student Council

Advisors: Mrs. Falk x28156 and Mrs. Barton x28216

Student Council meets about twice a month. They plan spirit days, fundraisers such as Adopt a Family, and other events. 

Click HERE for the members list 2016-17.

Click HERE for the schedule for 2016-17.



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