As a school, increasing access to classroom technology is extremely important to us.  It's clear from the graphic below that our students will live in a world driven by technology.  Our students need experience with new technologies in order to develop 21st century skills.


Instructional Technology
With the help of the Rolling Hills PTO, we have outfitted every classroom with a SMART Board and projector.  We are pleased to have made this goal a reality for our students and teachers. 

In addition to SMART Boards, we also have a 30-station computer lab located near the library.  We are proud to be able to give every classroom in the building at least a half hour of scheduled time each week in the computer lab to work on projects and learn technology-based skills.

Each classroom also has a document camera, which are similar to overhead projectors, but for the 21st century.  These devices are basically a digital video camera on a bendable arm.  Teachers can put objects, books, manipulatives, and other other classroom materials under a document camera and have that image projected onto the screen live and in color. 

Wireless Devices
Rolling Hills is also fortunate to have many wireless devices available in the school to augment the desktop computers in the computer lab. 

Thanks again to the PTO, we also have a set of 30 iPads in the building for teachers to use in their classrooms.  We have many educational apps on these devices, including math activities that go along with the Everyday Math program. In addition, there are multiple other iPads assigned to classrooms for instructional use with personalized apps. 

We also have over 250 Google Chromebooks in the building, including a full class set for each 6th grade classroom.  These wireless laptops utilize all the features of Google Chrome and Google Drive.  With a full keyboard, the Chromebooks offer portability of an iPad but features of a traditional laptop.

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