Career Development

The school district of Mukwonago is committed to providing a solid foundation for all students to be successful in their chosen path after graduation.

At Park View Middle School, our 7th and 8th Grade students will be provided with opportunities for career exploration, activities in self-awareness, developing planning skills, and understanding the world of work. We will begin to guide our students in creating an ACP – Academic and Career Plan

What is an ACP?

In Academic and Career Planning, (ACP) counselors, teachers and parents guide students in deepening their knowledge of self, as well as setting future goals that are truly theirs and then making a plan for achieving them. ACP is a student-driven, adult supported process. For more information, click HERE.

 How will this look at Park View?

School Counselors will work closely with students, teachers, and parents to provide education and support in the following areas:

  • Career Exploration
  • Self-Awareness
  • Planning Skills
  • Financial Knowledge/Understanding the World of Work
  • Understanding of Post-Secondary options

School Counselors will work with students to keep a record of their career exploration process on a website called Career Cruising. All students at PVMS have an established Career Cruising Account. The direct link for the Career Cruising Site for students can be accessed here from school or home:

If you would like more information regarding ACP, please contact Mrs. Koepke or Mr. Perkins or go to:

Academic and Career Planning (ACP) Resources: - Explore this website for an overview of the 16 Career Clusters and career pathways. - Are you interested in going to college? It is never too early to start educating yourself on your options. Middle School students and parents can use this website as a resource for planning. - This website profiles careers in teaching, the legal field, accounting, technology, the culinary and fashion industry, and many more. Explore the website for more detailed information on these particular careers and educational requirements for entering that particular field. This is a great place to explore! - Financial Literacy skills for life! Website for parents, students and educators. Access to games/apps all relating to personal finance, budegeting, saving and goal setting. - Explore your personality, interests, and abilities and match them with possible careers. Links especially for Middle School Students related to knowledge of self!

If you would like to learn more about the Mukwonago School District's ACP Action Plan, please click here:



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