Academic Support

The Academic Support Program is designed to help students who are at risk of academic failure.


  Special Education Services

A continuum of services for children with an identified impairment that adversely affects their educational performance, and as a result need specially designed instruction and related services to access and progress in the regular curriculum.


Math & Reading Intervention

Mr. Steve Pratt - ELA interventions

Ms. Erica Busch - ELA interventions

Ms. Krista Arnold - Math interventions

Ms. Christa Turk - ELA interventions

Mr. Jeremiah Chitwood - Math interventions

This class targets areas of needed skill-building and helps students work toward grade-level proficiency in reading and math. Students use web-based programs that provide an individualized course of learning.


M.A.S.H. (Mandatory Additional Study Halls)

The program will begin after administrators, teachers and guidance counselors have reviewed grades for the first six weeks of the school year. This program is designed to provide a structured environment in which students can work to improve his/her grades under the supervision of a well-qualified teacher. The program is held on Monday after school and Wednesday before school. There must be a signed permission slip on file. If any questions, please contact Mrs. Molly Witte for more information.

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