Technology Mission Statement

Students and staff will enhance, expand, and transform learning by utilizing technology and leveraging information literacy to meet the challenges and opportunities of our continually changing world.


BYOD - Use of Personal Wireless Devices

  • The district permits use of personal electronic devices by users in support of teaching and learning in order to further the educational aims of the district, increase accessibility to technology related curriculum and personalize learning. 
  • School Board Policies IDCA and IDCA-R specify guidelines for use of personal wireless devices, which includes portable computing devices such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, computers, cell phones, iPods/iPads/MP3 players, digital cameras, e-readers, and USB storage devices.
  • Responsibility for the care of personal devices and behavior while using the device belongs solely to the owner. 
  • Students may bring personal devices into the district to access the district systems for the use of filtered internet access only.
  • The above information was taken in part from the print materials that will be distributed to students and posted to the PVMS website

PVMS Acceptable Use Brochure

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