Absence Policy

If your child is absent for only one day, please have him/her request missed work from teachers upon their return.  If your student is absent for more than one day, you may call the Guidance Office at 363-6292 x27411 to request homework.  The policy for makeup work is that you have the same number of days to make up the work as the number of days missed. 

The Planned Absence Form (for vacation) can be found here and should be filled out prior to the absence. 
The Homework Request Form (for illness more than one day) can be found here and should be filled out after the second day of absence.


After Regular School Hours 

Only students who are involved in a supervised school sponsored activity should be present in the building after regular school hours. Students waiting for rides after practices, club meetings, etc. should do so near the north entrance (Pick n Save) side of the building.

Early Release Procedure

Send a note with your child in the morning so that school staff can be notified of the early release.  Be sure to come into the office to pick up your child.


Honor Roll & School Performance 

To view the honor roll from each grading period or information on our school's writing assessment, click here.


School District's Dress Code

Students should remember to follow the District's Dress Code, which is outlined in the student handbook. Students can be referred to the office for dress code violations, especially if they have received previous warnings from staff.  Please help us remind students to dress for success.


School IDs and Mustang Passes

Please be sure that your child comes to school everyday with his/her Mustang pass. If either is lost there is a $5.00 replacement fee.   Forms for these lost passes can be picked up in the Main Office if needed.


Park View Middle School

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