Our School Mission:

The mission of Prairie View Elementary is to help all members of our school community realize and achieve their fullest potential in a rapidly changing world by promoting active learning, respectful actions and critical thinking in a secure, supportive, child-centered environment.


We will maintain student reading achievement in grades K-6 through the use of common reading vocabulary, professional development opportunities, model lessons, technology integration, and a common, grade-level  RtI block so that 87% of our students will be at or above benchmark on the spring PALS and STAR screening reports.


We will maintain student math achievement in grades 1-6 through the use of systematic, research-based instruction, a common, school-wide math vocabulary, technology integration, concentrated problem-solving instruction and scheduled RtI blocks so that 95% of our students will be at or above benchmark on the spring STAR screening report.

School Climate 

Maintain safe, clean, healthy, and educationally sound school climate by expanding our school-wide Pawsitively Prairie View program to include a study of manners, specifically designed all-school activities focusing on each manner introduced, and continuing student involvement through our Pawsitively Prairie View student presentations.


We will increase our building writing achievement through the focus on prewriting strategies and purposeful writing so that our grade-level averages in "organization" will be proficient at all grades on the district writing assessment.

Prairie View Elementary

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