Prairie View Elementary Time Line:

1840- First school in North Prairie, held in the loft of a home.

1843- $150 raised to build school on current site.

1909- Sixty-eight students in eight grades became the first school community.

1911- Second room added. Each heated with its own stove.

1916- A basement was dug beneath school and a furnace was added.

1929- Electricity installed.

1929- PTA formed.

1930- Money borrowed and red brick building built.  Total cost:  $19,758.61.

1931- One acre of land purchased to enlarge the playground.  Music program begun with teachers from Carroll University.

1933- Weekly Reader introduced.

1944- Teacher's salaries were $1,575 per year.

1952- First telephone installed.

1953- First Hot Lunch Program begun.

1954- Two more classrooms added to make a four room school.  Steps and sidewalk installed partway down the hill by the Lion's Club.

1955- First movie projector purchased for the school.

1957- School busses first used.

1959- Gym, stage and six classrooms added.  First fulltime principal hired.

1966- Kindergarten added during spring semester.

1968- South addition to the school built.  Fulltime librarian hired.

1978- Major renovation to building, students attend classes at different sites throughout the district during construction.  Enlarged enough to accomodate 3 sections per grade level.

2001- Computer lab updated.  Thirty stations for students to utilize.

2012- Building renovation over the summer.



Prairie View Elementary

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