Parents United Consortium -- "Get Connected!"


The Mukwonago Area School District is part of a local consortium of fifteen Waukesha County special education departments who have continued to provide an educational community service.

The mission of the group is to present timely and informative information, in a neutral forum, for parents and professionals who work with children. The lectures and presentations offered each school year provide essential links, knowledge, and networking to entire community for the ultimate benefit of our students. 

Parent/Guardian Local Workshops

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Heroin Awareness Workshop (Wed. March 15, 2017)
2016-2017 Parents United Workshop Brochure
Parenting the Early Years - 4th Tuesday of each month
Parenting the Early Years - 2nd Wednesday of each month

Special Education Resources

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Implementing New Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) Criteria
RTI Essential Components for Special Education
WI First Step - Children with Special Needs
WI First Step - Children with Special Needs (Espanol)

Childhood Development and Learning

Talking is Teaching - Ideas to Interact with Your Children
Talking about STEM with Young Children
Early Development - Age 0-5 Milestones and Early Learning Activities

Prevention and Encouragement Resources for Youth

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Supportive Services for Veteran Families
Rehab Help for Teens Facing Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Substance Abuse Guide for Parents
Questions Parents/Caregivers Can Ask to Help Students Thrive in School
Preventing the Choking Game
Family Civil Rights and Improving School-Home Communication
Internet Safety
Mobile Device Safety for Kids
Web Safety Tools for Parents/Guardians
Keeping Kids Safe Online
Volunteer Activities
Community Social Service, Health/Disability Resources
Helping Kids Enjoy Their Childhood
Family Organizations and Resources - Great List!
Reaching In, Reaching Out (Resilience)
Reaching In, Reaching Out (Resilience Guidebook)
Test Anxiety
Youth Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Youth Bullying, Suicide, Drug/Alcohol, and Trauma Resources

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Teen Dating Violence: Resource and Prevention
National Association of School Psychologists
The Parent Institute: Teaching Kids Essential Safety Rules
DPI Safe Schools
PBS - Talking With Kids
Stop Bullying Now
Bullying: Parent Resources
Bullying: A Prevention Toolkit
Parents' Guide to Cyberbullying
Addiction Resources
Handling Bullying: Best Practices for Parents
Handling Bullying: Best Practices for Teachers
Handling Bullying: Best Practices for Communities
Cyberbullying Parent Websites from E. Szatkowski
Safe Place: To Youths in Crisis: Get Help Now
Youth Suicide Prevention Resources (2012)
Youth Suicide Prevention (Maine Program)
Survivors of Suicide: Helping Young People Left Behind by Suicide
Parent Tips: Death and Grieving via Pathfinders for Autism
Talking to Children with Autism about Death
Addiction Resource Council - 24 Hr. Hotline for Help
Free Mobile App: Drug Guide for Parents
Waukesha Drug-Free Communities Brochure
Waukesha County Substance Abuse Resources

Childhood Health Resources

Concussion Management
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Childhood Cancer Support Organization
Understanding Cancer: Mesothelioma Support Group

Mukwonago Area School District

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  • Phone: (262) 363-6300
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