Library Bill of Rights

The MHS library media center is an academic library that is used primarily by classes allowing the remaining space open to students with study hall or honor passes.

Always check the main door for availability and make certain you speak with one of the librarians if you see your hour closed due to classes.

We can't always accommodate you but we will most certainly try to fit you in if you need to use the resources within the library.

At what time does the library open? When does it close? The library opens each morning at 7:00 a.m. and closes between 3:15 and 3:25 depending on meeting schedules.
How can I use the library during the school day? The Mukwonago High School library is available to all students. To use this facility during the school day you must have a library pass from one of your instructors, not your studyhall teacher.
Check the main library doors for hours that may be closed or limited due to classroom use.

Where is the book card catalog? Our card catalog, Destiny, is in the Library & Reference folder in Class Applications or from the library page Find a Book.
How many items may I check out at once? You may have as many items as you wish checked out at one time, but we recommend only having 2 - 4 items at one time, as the check out time frame is just under three weeks.
Can I check out magazines? Yes, all back issues of our magazines can be checked out. You may keep magazines one week. There is a late fine of .10¢ per day.
Current issues may not be checked out.

Can I check out videos? Audio books? DVDs? Yes. Videos and DVDs may be checked overnight. Audio books may be kept for one week.
How much money will I owe if I return my books late? Fines on books are .10¢ per day late per item; this does not include weekends or vacation days. Special fines may apply for short term items.
What happens if I lose a book? You are responsible for paying the price to replace the book or you may buy the book yourself to replace the lost item. The books must be identical i.e. hardcover = hardcover, book must be new and so on.
Do I need to have my library card with me if I want to check out books? Your library card is actually your school ID. Have that with you at all times to be able to check out materials from the library.
Can I renew a book? Yes, you can renew a book or magazine if no one else has placed a hold on that item.
Do I need my library card to return books? No, you do not. The book drop is at the front of the circulation desk.
Can I check out reference books? Yes, you may check out reference books overnight.
How do I make copies? Copies are .10¢ per copy/per side. Simply ask for help or permission if you know how to use the copy machine.
How much does it cost to make a color copy? Color copies can only be made via electronic documents i.e. Word, PPT, and so on and cost .25 ¢per copy/per side. If you don't have a computer document we can scan your document and then make copies.
Do you have any color printers? Yes, but you must first ask one of the librarians and we print the document for you. The cost for a color copy is .25¢ per page.
Can I use the library databases from my home computer? Most of the library databases have remote passwords for use at home. Get a list of these from your librarian. Access these resources via the Online Databases page found under Library.
May I use the library computers to check my email? Yes, students should regularly check their school email account for notices, events, and communications from their teachers.
What computer programs does the library have? All library computers have a full range of productivity and design software that is used in the various classes. 


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