"...being a parent is a very difficult job, more difficult than any other, because it requires the shaping of other people, which is an act of extraordinary hubris." 

Excerpted from Anna Quindlen's Commencement Speech, Mount Holyoke College, May 23, 2000

Youth Development  Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | call 1-800-273-8255

Cellphone Cheating in Schools

This Kappan “Highlighted and Underlined” item quotes a Common Sense Media poll on the use of cell phone and the Internet by students:  Almost two-thirds of students with cell phones use them during school, regardless of school policies against such use. Teens send an average of 440 text messages a week, of which 110 are sent by students while they are in the classroom.

  • 52 percent admit to some form of cheating involving the Internet.
  • 38 percent have copied material from a website and turned it in as their own work.
  • 35 percent of teens with cell phones admit using them to find an answer to a test.
  • Of those who use their phones this way:
  • 26 percent say they store information on their phones for use during a test.
  • 25 percent text friends about answers during an exam.
  • 17 percent take pictures of a test to send to friends.
  • 20 percent use their phones to search the Internet during an exam.
  • 76 percent of parents say they believe some type of cellphone cheating happens in their children’s school, but only 3 percent believe their own child has cheated using a cell- phone.

  •  48 percent of teens say they call or text friends to warn about pop quizzes.

Parent Resources for Alcohol & Drug Abuse 

Alcohol and drug use among teenagers is a serious concern  for parents.  Knowing the signs and symptoms of substance  use can be confusing at times since most teenagers are going  through a variety of changes, both physically and emotionally.

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