Name Title Email Phone Website
Stanislawski, Audra CES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22011 Website
Suchecki, Emily CES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6286 x22032 Website
Cleaver, Sarah CES Speech Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22006 Website
Forster, Linda CES Support Staff Email (262) 363-6286 Website
Hietala, Jackie CES Support Staff Email (262) 363-6286 Website
Roegner, Debra CES Title I Instructor Email (262) 363-6286 Website
Loepfe, Nancy CES Title I Teacher Email (262) 363-6286 Website
Wehner, Abbie CES/EVES GT Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22052 Website
Johnson, Megan L. CES/EVES Guidance Counselor Email (262) 363-6286, x22003 Website
Kietzmann, Wendy CES/EVES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6286 Website
Nelson, Karen CES/PVMS Pupil Services Email (262) 363-6286 Website
Scherbert, Thomas (Tom) CES/RHES Speech and Language Pathologist Email CES (262)363-6286 x22007 RHES (262)363-6318 x28126 Website
Middendorf, Heidi Central Kitchen Production Manager Email (262) 363-6200, X25603 Website
Malcolmson, Bruce Central Kitchen Staff Email (262) 363-6200 Website
Lehman, Dustin Coordinator of College/Career Readiness Email (262) 363-6200, x25525 Website
Kossow, Ben Coordinator of Student Assessment Data and Analysis Email (262) 363-6300, x24410 Website
Karthausser, Tom Director of Business Services Email (262) 363-6300, x24102 Website
Muenter, Susan Director of Human Resources Email (262) 363-6300, x24500 Website
Lemke, Tim Director of Pupil Services Email (262) 363-6300, x24200 Website
Reichhoff, Nick Director of Student Learning Email (262) 363-6300, x24400 Website
Perkins, Sue District 4K Support & Administration Email (262) 363-6300, x24906 Website
Blonien, Allyson District 4K Teacher Email Website
Kelly, Kathryn District 4K Teacher Email Website
Scaffidi (Ploeckelman), Lynda District Accountant Email (262) 363-6300, x24107 Website
Rohs, Gina District Accounts Payable & Student Activities Email (262) 363-6300, x24104 Website
LaRue, Mariellen District Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager Email (262) 363-6300, x24103 Website
Stroika, Laura District Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent & Human Resource Director Email (262) 363-6300, x24101 Website
Runnells, Sue District Athletic Administrative Assistant Email (262) 363-6200, x25580 Website
Bornfleth, Scott District Buildings & Grounds Email (262) 363-6200 Website
Ponchik, Jon District Buildings & Grounds Email (262) 363-6200 Website
Wegner, Andy District Buildings & Grounds Operations Manager Email (262) 363-6300, x24300 Website
Wiebelhaus, Curt District Construction Manager Email (262) 363-6300, x24301 Website
Reynolds, Moriann District Curriculum Administrative Assistant Email (262) 363-6300, x24401 Website
Otto, Tina District Food Service Clerk Email (262) 363-6200, x25602 Website
Harris, Pam District Food Service Supervisor Email (262) 363-6200, x25601 Website
Haxton, Steven District Groundskeepter Email (262) 363-6200 Website
Harry, Jim District HVAC Technician Email (262) 363-6200 Website
Peterson, Anthony District I.T. Support Specialist Email (262) 363-6200 x25704 Website
Lewis, Bridget District IT Helpdesk Manager Email (262) 363-6200, x25710 Website
Haddon, John District Maintenance Email (262) 363-6200, x25300 Website
Young, Heidi District Nurse Email (262) 363-6292, x27515 Website
Imes, Ashley District OT/PT Services Email (262) 363-6300, x24212 Website
Wimer, Dale District Orchestra Director Email (262) 363-6200, x25819 Website
Schauer, Kyra District Physical Therapist Email (262) 363-6300, x24214 Website
Steinbrenner, Jason District Police Liaison & Resource Officer Email (262) 363-6200, x25516 Website
Barkley, Jo Ann District Print Technician Email (262) 363-6200, x25540 Website
Rogowski, Jayne District Print Technician Email (262) 363-6200 Website
Harn, Brittany District Psychologist Email (262) 363-6300, x24206 & (262) 363-6286, x22031 Website
Maxwell, Kristy District Psychologist Email (262) 363-6300, x24205 & (262) 363-4401, x21316 Website
Schmidt, Julie District Psychologist Email 363-6300, x24208 Website