Community Input Requested!

The community is invited to participate in a referendum survey beginning the week of Sept. 21st. Surveys due Oct. 5th. (Read more)

IT Academy Grand Opening

Thenew IT Academy will be holding its Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday, September 1st at 8:00 AM in the MHS Library. The Celebration will include some special speakers, students from the IT Academy, refreshments, and more. The public is welcome to join us as we roll out this one-of-a-kind new program at MHS!

MHS Dress Code

All students: At MHS we will adhere to a strict yet reasonable dress code: When choosing your attire for school, be advised that your shirts must fully cover your undergarments as well as the front, back, sides and midriff of your body. Your pants, shorts or skirts must fully cover your undergarments as well as extend to at least the middle of your thigh. Students must not wear clothing that is obscene or references weapons drug or alcohol related, or puts down a specific group. Students are not to wear coats or jackets, hats, headbands, or bandanas during the school day. If you have questions regarding this policy, please refer to page 60 of the student handbook or to school board policy JBA. Students in violation of the dress code will be spoken to by administration and expected to comply.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Electronic communication/listening devices are allowed in classrooms during the school day but only with teacher’s permission. Students are allowed to listen to music during passing time as long as they are only using one earphone. Internet usage, including but not limited to texting and surfing, will be reserved for the student’s lunch period, study hall, and passing time. If the BYOD policy is violated, your electronic device will be confiscated. You will need to pick it up in the Associate Principals’ office after school. This will be your one and only warning. If a second violation occurs, a parent or guardian will have to pick up the electronic device during normal school hours, a behavioral referral will be issued and the student will be assigned a 2-hour after school detention. At no time will an electronic device be allowed to be on or in sight in a locker room or restroom. If in violation, the electronic device will be confiscated immediately and 2-hour detention will be assigned immediately.

Mukwonago City Ordinances

For a complete list of the Village of Mukwonago Municipal Ordinances, click on below link: Village of Mukwonago Municipal Code For Wisconsin State Statutes, click on below link: State of Wisconsin Statutes Some Village of Mukwonago ordinances that are important for you to know: Specifically for MHS Students This list can also be found under our Families Section as well.

Teacher Substitute Training Offered

Applicants interested becoming a substitute teacher can attend the sub training program on Sept. 2nd. Call 262-968-4302 or 262-968-4422 for more information, or click HERE.

Senior Photos

To: Juniors From: Yearbook Staff These are some of the guidelines to follow for yoursenior pictures to make sure that your picture is presented well in the yearbook. TAKE THIS LETTER TO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER WHEN YOU GO FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT!

Upcoming Events

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  • Mukwonago High School Named a Top AFS School

    Mukwonago, Wisconsin. March 2015: Mukwonago High School has been selected as a 2015 Top AFS School by AFS-USA, a leading intercultural learning provider. Schools recognized for this award have excelled in promoting global competency and working to prepare students to engage in an increasingly interconnected world. Each year the organization honors high schools across the nation that are exceptional in incorporating intercultural learning in the curriculum, facilitating the hosting of international students, and introducing the life-long benefits of study abroad. You can view the list of 2015 Top AFS Schools at: “Mukwonago High School has a long and valued collaboration with AFS. In just the last ten years, they have hosted thirty-six students and sent nine of their students abroad to study. We commend the school on its robust after-school foreign language program administrated by the staff and students. We'd like to especially thank Mrs. Maura Frenn for her efforts in facilitating hosting this year and for helping recruit students to study abroad. Thanks to all of the staff in fostering intercultural education and understanding.” said Angelique Rogers, during presentation of the award. The award includes the opportunity for students of Mukwonago High School to compete for $1,000 scholarships to any 2015 AFS study abroad program. Students must address the question “What does it mean to be a global citizen?” The deadline for submitting a photo, video or illustration accompanied by a 250-word essay is April 1, 2015. Details are available at: About AFS AFS, a worldwide, nonprofit organization, has been leading international high school student exchanges for more than sity-five years. Each year, AFS-USA sends more than 1,100 U.S. students abroad, provides approximately $3 million in scholarship and financial aid and welcomes more than 2,300 international high school students who come to study in U.S. high schools and live with host families.

    read more

Mukwonago High School

  • 605 W. School Rd. Mukwonago, WI 53149
  • Phone: (262) 363-6200
  • Fax: (262) 363-6239