The Mukwonago Area School District utilizes a unique participatory structure for curriculum review and adoption.  Every teacher in the district is a member of a Content Area Team (CAT), which focuses on a particular subject area.  Middle school and high school teachers are assigned to a CAT according to their main subject area.  Elementary teachers are distributed among each CATs, since they teach a wide array of subjects.

Each team's activities are coordinated by several department chairs.  An administrator, a K-3rd grade teacher, a 4th-6th grade teacher, a middle school teacher, and a high school teacher act as the leadership team for each subject area.  The administrator and one teacher serve as the overall co-chair of the team.

The CAT, led by the co-chairs, is responsible for analyzing student performance data, soliciting new materials, piloting curriculum, and forming a final recommendation to the school board for any adoption of new teaching resources.



The leaders of the district's K-12 Content Area Teams are listed below.


Reading Content Area Team

K-3 Chair - Linda Gorman (RHES Grade 3)

4-6 Chair - Cindi Harris (PVES Grade 6)

Administrative Chair - Ben Kossow (Data/Assessment Coordinator)


Language Arts Content Area Team

K-3 Chair - Tracy Hooley (SES Grade 1)

4-6 Chair - Jill Ruland (SES iPLC)

Middle School Chair - Jon Stillman

High School Chair - Lee Bromberger

Administrative Chair - Michael Marincic (RHES Principal)


Mathematics Content Area Team

K-3 Chair - Anita Nicoson (CES Grade 3)

4-6 Chair - Pat Falk (RHES Grade 6)

Middle School Chair - Molly Witte 

High School Chair - Scott Pratt

Administrative Chair - Shawn Waller (BBES Principal)


Science Content Area Team

K-3 Chair - Krista Christiansen (RHES Grade 3)

4-6 Co-Chairs - Pam Lang (CES Grade 6) and Nicole Wilson (SES Grade 4)

Middle School Chair - Jodie Pease

High School Chair - Don Harr

Administrative Chair - Lee Libecki (PVMS Associate Principal)


Social Studies Content Area Team

K-3 Chair - Deb Teresinski (PVES Kindergarten)

4-6 Chair - Amy Budzynski (PVES Grade 4)

Middle School Chair - Danny Cochran

High School Chair - Bill Plant

Administrative Chair - Jim Darin (MHS Principal)


Technology Content Area Team

K-3 Chair - Jodie Kujawa (SES Grade 1)

4-6 Chair - Eric Butalla (RHES Grade 4)

Secondary Chair - Julie Hanisch

Administrative Chair - Robert Slane (SES Principal)


Art Content Area Team

Elementary Chair - Amy Kratchovil (BBES)

Secondary Chair - Gary Weiler (PVMS)

Administrative Chair - Louis Pawela (MHS Associate Principal)


Music Content Area Team

Elementary Chair - Angela Hudy (BBES)

Secondary Chair - Emma Angoli (MHS)

Administrative Chair - Ron Schlicht (MHS Associate Principal/EVES Principal)


Physical Education Content Area Team

Elementary Chair - Jeff Grant (BBES)

Secondary Chair - Jim Essman (MHS)

Administrative Chair - Andy Trudell (MHS Activities Director)


Library/Technology Content Area Team

Elementary Chair - Becky Bretza (BBES)

Middle School Chair - Kari Adams

High School Chair - Dea Fowler

Administrative Chair - Andrea Kaplan (CES Principal)



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