Name Title Email Phone Web site
Schmitz, Kelly District Psychologist Email (262) 363-6300, x24207 Web site
Jaskolka, Bonnie District Services Email (262) 363-6300 Web site
Ziller, Kalina District Services Email (262) 363-6300, x24209 Web site
Reif, Megan District Social Worker Email (262) 363-4401, x21326 Web site
Wright, Sara District Speech Clinician Email (262) 363-6286, x22807 and (262) 363-6200, x25113 Web site
Pluer, Kathy District Speech Pathologist Email (262) 363-4401, x21301 Web site
Brezovar, Sue District Student Information System Supervisor Email (262) 363-6300, x24115 Web site
McNulty, Shawn District Superintendent Email (262) 363-6300, x24100 Web site
Schlicht, Ron EECS Principal / MHS Associate Principal Email MHS 363-6200, x25514 / EECS 363-6258, x23109 Web site
Selzer-Benavides, Cathy EVES 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Teacher Email (262) 363-6258, x23105 Web site
Schwictenberg, Cindy EVES Clerk Email (262) 363-6258, x23100 Web site
Weber, Vicki EVES Custodian Email (262) 363-6258 Web site
Politoski, Valerie EVES Food Service Email (262) 363-6258 Web site
Steib, John EVES Grade 4th, 5th, and 6th Teacher Email (262) 363-6258, x23103 Web site
Steib, Stefanie EVES Grades 2/3 Teacher Email (262) 363-6258, x23102 Web site
Heinritz, Bethany EVES KG-Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 363-6258, x23104 Web site
Barrios, Angela EVES Kindergarten/Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 363-6258, x23101 Web site
Kerr, Rachel EVES Monitor Email (262) 363-6258 Web site
Petsch-Horvath, Mary EVES/PVES Reading Specialist Email (262) 392-6310, x26164 Web site
Pergande, Krisann EVES/PVES Speech Pathologist Email (262) 392-6310, x26131 Web site
Clements, Nyla EVES/PVES/RHES/SES Music/Band Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28213 Web site
Grundman, John EVES/SES Art Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29008 Web site
DeGrace, Amy EVES/SES Speech Pathologist Email (262) 363-6260, x29118 Web site
Kovnesky, Kelly IT Supervisor of Network Operations Email (262) 363-6200, x25700 Web site
Monroe, Cheryl IT Support Specialist Email (262) 363-6200, x25707 Web site
Fischer, Zachary IT Technical Specialist Email (262) 363-6200, x25701 Web site
Kirch, Eric IT Technical Specialist Email (262) 363-6200, x25702 or (262) 363-6292, x27013 Web site
Berka, Gina MDO Pupil Services Clerk Email (262) 363-6300, x24202 Web site
Mueller, Jennifer MDO Pupil Services Clerk Email (262) 363-6300, x24201 Web site
Linsmeier, Nicole MHS & PVMS Social Worker Email (262) 363-6200, x25407 , (262) 363-6292, x27404 Web site
Roberts, Gisela MHS AP Administrative Assistant Email (262) 363-6200, x25515 Web site
Behling, Bridget MHS Administrative Assistant to the Principal Email (262) 363-6200, x25501 Web site
Loiacano, Cheri MHS Alternative Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25121 Web site
Lois, Christopher MHS Art Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, Web site
Rutowski, Eric MHS Art Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25140 Web site
Dybul, Jay MHS Assistant Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Frank, Steve MHS Assistant Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Johnson, George MHS Assistant Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Hoyne, Colleen MHS Associate Principal Email (262) 363-6200, x25512 Web site
Pawela, Louis MHS Associate Principal Email (262) 363-6200, x25513 Web site
Schimpf, Edith MHS At Risk Tutor Email (262) 363-6200, x25287 Web site
Abels, Jason MHS Athletic Trainer Email (262) 363-6200, x25587 Web site
Horbinski, Michael MHS Basketball Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
LeMiuex, John MHS Boys Baseball Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Leonard, Jon MHS Boys Golf Coach Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Kovnesky, Dean MHS Building Manager Email (262) 363-6200, x25505 Web site
Thiede, Henry MHS Buildings & Grounds Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Miller, Ashley MHS Business & Marketing Teacher, Boys and Girls Assistant Tennis Coach Email (262) 363-6200, x25105 Web site
Billings, Nikki MHS Business Ed Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25117 Web site
Iverson, Clay MHS Business Teacher & Varsity Football Coach Email (262) 363-6200, x25119 Web site