Name Title Email Phone Web site
Messer, Jodi PVES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26168 Web site
Meyer, Barbara BBES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-4401 Web site
Meyer, Vicki PVMS Instructional Assistant Email (262) 262-363-6292 Web site
Middendorf, Heidi Central Kitchen Production Manager Email (262) 363-6200, X25603 Web site
Miller, Ashley MHS Business & Marketing Teacher, Boys and Girls Assistant Tennis Coach Email (262) 363-6200, x25105 Web site
Miller, Erica RHES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6318 Web site
Miller, Michaela MHS Custodian Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Miller, Rebecca (Becky) RHES Grade 4 Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28141 Web site
Molkentin, Charlene CES Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22035 Web site
Monroe, Cheryl IT Support Specialist Email (262) 363-6200, x25707 Web site
Montanye, Mark MHS Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25228 Web site
Moore, Janette SES Grade 5 Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29028 Web site
Moriarty, Collette SES Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29021 Web site
Moser, Kayla BBES Grade 3 Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21111 Web site
Moser, Nancy RHES Administrative Assistant Email (262) 363-6318, x28501 Web site
Moser, Paul PVES Physical Education Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26166 Web site
Mueller, Daniel CES Grade 5 Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22060 Web site
Mueller, Jennifer MDO Pupil Services Clerk Email (262) 363-6300, x24201 Web site
Muenter, Susan Director of Human Resources Email (262) 363-6300, x24500 Web site
Murphy, Ann PVMS Spanish Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27049 Web site
Murphy, Scott MHS Science Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25282 Web site
Mussa, Rebecca (Becky) MHS Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6200 Web site
Nale, Tara SES Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29018 Web site
Napierala, Nicole RHES Grade 2 Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28185 Web site
Nawrocki, Vanessa MHS Mathematics Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25281 Web site
Nellis, Jennifer RHES Grade 4 Teacher Email (262) 363-6318, x28141 Web site
Nelson, Abe PVMS Business Ed Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, X27009 Web site
Nelson, Karen CES/PVMS Pupil Services Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Nettesheim, Ashley PVMS Physical Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6292 x27084 Web site
Neumann, Michelle (Mickey) SES Physical Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29038 Web site
Neville, Kimberly CES Custodian Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Nicoson, Anita CES Grade 3 Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, x22008 Web site
Nimmer, Michelle CES Special Education Teacher Email (262) 363-6286, 22046 Web site
Nimmer, Samantha CES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Northard, Amanda (Andy) PVMS STEM Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27074 Web site
Novotny, Amy RHES Clerk Email (262) 363-6318, x28502 Web site
Nowak, Jackie PVMS Science Teacher Email (262) 363-6292 x27063 Web site
Nuccio, Elizabeth SES Grade 2 Teacher Email (262) 363-6260, x29016 Web site
O'Brien, Stacy MHS English Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25209 Web site
O'Donnell, Carole PVMS Food Service Email (262) 392-6310 Web site
Oehler, Mary PVES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 392-6310 Web site
Oftedahl, Sarah PVMS Music Teacher Email (262) 363-6292, x27088 Web site
Olejnik, Mary SES Library Technology Specialist Email (262) 363-6260, x29504 Web site
Olen, Jeanne PVES Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 392-6310, x26114 Web site
Olson, Dariane MHS English Teacher Email (262) 363-6200, x25208 Web site
Oremus, Kristin CES Instructional Assistant Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Organ, Lynn CES Pupil Services Support Email (262) 363-6286 Web site
Osterberg, Tonya BBES Grade 1 Teacher Email (262) 363-4401, x21201 Web site
Otto, Tina District Food Service Clerk Email (262) 363-6200, x25602 Web site
PTAG, MHS MHS Parent Teacher Advisory Group Email Web site