What does "Charter" mean?
A "charter" is another word for "contract," which we have with the Mukwonago Area School District.  This contract states we will offer everything that the other Mukwonago District Schools offer, along with added enhancements.  It also means we still have to meet the same standards and follow the same district guidelines for student performance, financial matters, effective school operations, etc.
Charter schools are public schools of choice that operate on three basic principles:  Accountability: Charter schools are held accountable for how well they educate children in a safe and responsible environment.  Autonomy: Charter schools have the freedom to be creative, innovative and flexible.  Choice: Families choose to attend the charter school.  No one is "zoned" to go to a charter institution
Eagleville is proud to be Waukesha County's first elementary charter school.  There are over 3600 charter schools operating nationwide, educating over 1,000,000 children.  Wisconsin has approximately 230 charter schools.
What are the advantages of a Charter School?
Charter schools are in general: small in size, have a family-like atmosphere, use innovative ideas to teach, community minded, have strong parental involvement and support, and most have been converted schools as opposed to "newly developed schools".
EECS is an instrumentality of the Mukwonago Area School District.  This means we are sponsored by the local school district.  We are part of the district budget.  Our pupils are counted into the formula used for state aid to the district.  We continue to receive the same services other schools receive such as: transportation, food service, specialists, maintenance, etc.  In addition to the traditional curriculum, Eagleville Elementary Charter School has specific enhancements it incorporates.
What are Eagleville's enhancements?
Eagleville's charter focuses on Environmental Education and Spanish.
How are the enhancements met?
Eagleville has a Spanish DVD-based curriculum.  In addition, we have a volunteer teacher that does 30-minute lessons with each grade every Tuesday.  Since Eagleville has such a great location, the environmental education is met in a variety of ways.  The teachers use the natural surroundings and plan guest speakers and field trips to enhance their curriculum.  We also recycle and compost every day.
What is the curriculum? 
Eagleville follows the Mukwonago Area School District curriculum.  Everyday Math is used for the Mathematics Curriculum.  Houghton Mifflin is used for Reading and Language Arts.  Foss kits, Delta Science and Addison-Wesley are used for Science.  Harcourt Brace is used for  Health and  McGraw/Hill TimeLinks is used for Social studies.
What standardized tests do Eagleville students participate in?
Grades 1 - 2 participate in PALS testing three times per year.  Grades 3-6 participate in the Wisconsin State Assessment (Forward Exam) each spring. Every student will be assessed a minimum of three times per year using STAR testing in the areas of reading and math.  All 3rd - 6th-grade students writing is evaluated on the district writing prompt each April.
Do students at Eagleville go on field trips?
Each class has the opportunity to go on several field trips throughout the year.  All field trips are educationally-based, and the majority are related to the charter enhancements.  The school also has one all-school field trip where all families are invited to attend.
What technology is available to the students?
Eagleville has seventy-two Chromebooks and several I-Pads to use.  Each classroom has a SMART board and document camera, several Dell computers, and digital cameras.  There is also a set of Alpha Smarts for the students to use, as well as GPS units.
Is there a principal?
There is a Principal Liaison.  He is a full-time administrator for the Mukwonago School District.  He splits his time between Mukwonago High School and Eagleville.  His role is to work with the staff on the day to day operations of the school as well as other Mukwonago Area School District responsibilities.
How are parent volunteers used?
Parent volunteers are a huge component to the success of Eagleville.  We have a very strong and supportive PTO.  There are four major committees that parents have the opportunity to volunteer for:  Booster Committee, Activities Committee, Green Team Committee, and the Public Relations Committee.  In addition to the PTO, there are a variety of other opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classrooms as well as around school during the day.
Does Eagleville have Special Education services?
Eagleville offers speech and language services, a reading specialist, and also a gifted and talented program.  If a student requires other additional services, an alternate placement in the district may be accessed/recommended.
Does Eagleville have specialty classes?
Eagleville offers Art, Music, Library, Physical Education, Band, and Orchestra. 

Eagleville Elementary Charter School

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