What are Charter Schools?
Charter schools are independent public schools designed by educators, parents, community leaders, educational entrepreneurs and others who are interested in providing a quality education to children in their community.  Charters operate outside the educational bureaucracy that too often stifles innovation in traditional public schools.  They cannot charge tuition and they many not "pick and choose" their students.  Charters do have similar attributes to private schools, such as the autonomy and accountability that have allowed most private institutions to provide excellent education to their customers.
Do Charter Schools Work?
The first charter school was founded in 1992 and was renewed upon demonstrating success.  The research is only beginning to tell us what we need to know about charters as a whole.  More than 60 studies show that charters have accomplished their goals, are educating many children lost in the system, are widely satisfying to parents and teachers and offer a more responsive, child-centered environment.  More than 63 percent of charters have waiting lists attesting to their demand.  So in short, yes, charters are working.  Those that haven't - about 4 percent in all - have been closed.
In most schools, children are assigned to schools based on geography, and local schools may not offer the programs, or the atmosphere that a child requires to flourish academically and, perhaps, socially.  Many families are frustrated with the one-size fits all approach of most traditional public schools but have no alternatives.  What they seek is an alternative to their assigned school.

If parents could send their child to a school that broke the cookie cutter mold of the traditional public school, filled with teachers who chose to be there, students who weren't just assigned there by zip code, and supportive parents who chose to send their children there, wouldn't they do it?  Thousands of families today are doing just that, by sending their children to one of the nation's may public charter schools.
Did You Know?
-Charter schools are currently operating in 40 states and the District of Columbia.
-Approximately 3,600 charter schools are educating students in the U.S.
-Over 1 million students attend charter schools.
-More than 60 percent of charters have waiting lists equal to or greater than their size.
-Charter schools are held to high standards, with 97 percent requiring the same or more tests than the state.
-Fewer dollars are spent more efficiently at charter schools.
-Parent and teacher satisfaction is higher at charter schools.
How Can I learn More?
To learn more about Wisconsin Charter Schools and green schools visit www.wicharterschools.org .  The site offers further insight on charter schools and links to additional resources available to interested families.

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