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Press Release: Education Foundation Gears Up for Success (Oct. 2016)



The Mukwonago Community has so many things to be proud of!  We are a vibrant community surrounded by natural beauty.  The wonderful quality of life in Mukwonago provides for strong economic growth within a wonderful small town environment. 

Our community has remained strong and vibrant in no small part due to our school system.  Through a series of six elementary schools, a junior high school and high school that has focused on academic excellence and strong  community citizenship, we are ensuring the future of our community by supporting and encouraging our children to become the next generation of responsible adults. 

With over 5,200 children attending Mukwonago School District, we can be proud that our district ranks in the highest category of student achievement in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction score card. 



These achievements don?t happen without the participation of all of the school district employees, parents, volunteers, and the community.  Whether we have children in the district at this time or not, it is important for all of us to have a strong and vibrant school system for stronger economic health, property values, and a community that welcomes economic development by providing work-ready employees. 

In the past ten years, the Mukwonago Area Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc. (MAPSEF) has distributed over $100,000 in grants to many programs and initiatives being run within our eight schools.  These grants include providing laptops to the Debate Club, (MORE)?.The Milwaukee Area Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc. (MAPSEF) is run by a group of volunteers that believe strongly in the value of education in developing our next generation and the role of all of us to get involved and support this valuable community asset. 



Clarendon received a grant six years ago, in order to start a scarf making business with our students with special needs.  Since then, we have turned the original idea into an annual fund raiser and have turned that $500 into well over $10,000! 

Jessica Roe
Special Education Teacher
Clarendon Avenue School
Mukwonago, WI
262-363-6286 ext. 22005


MAPSEF has received several donations earmarked for the IPLC (Innovative Personalized Learning Community) Program at Section Elementary during the past few months.  This program is being piloted at Section Elementary with the 2013-14 school year!  The program includes roughly 65-75 students of different ages learning at one?s own personal pace.  Students work independently and together to advance their learning based on each student?s personal capabilities and accomplishments

Bob Slane, Principal
Section Elementary School


The Eagleville Science Club receives a wonderful honor!

We have a wonderful announcement to share with everyone. The Eagleville Science Club has been awarded a $1000 grant from the Mukwonago Area Public Schools Education Foundation! The Education Foundation?s mission is to enhance the educational experience of the students of the Mukwonago Area School District, and to foster the partnership between our schools and parents, businesses, and the general community in order to achieve educational excellence. This money will be used for materials and supplies for upcoming meetings, and it will help provide more engaging science projects and learning opportunities for the students of Eagleville. On behalf of the Eagleville Science Club, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Mukwonago Area Public Schools Education Foundation for helping us strive toward our goal of providing one of the best extracurricular learning experiences in the district. Thank you so very much for the opportunities that your gift will provide!

Daniel Pawlak



Contact: (262) 613-2048
Foundation President: Jamie Pratt

It's easy to get involved and impact your community.  Attend our annual fundraising held in the fall each year.  In 2015, we will be having a Halloween event on October 25th at the Broadlands Golf Course.  Donate to the Mukwonago Area Public Schools Education Foundation and if your employer offers matching gifts, you will double your impact. 

Let us know if your child or grandchild?s classroom is trying to raise funds for a special project or learning opportunity ? we?d like to know about it.

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