Clarendon Ink, a publishing center, was created in 1991 to fulfill the need of assisting classroom teachers with the technical aspects of the writing process. Volunteers at the center process edited manuscripts into hard cover books for creative student authors. These young people see their ideas in print as volunteers assist by interviewing, typing and binding. With the assistance from Clarendon Ink, over 1,500 new books have been published yearly to share with family and friends.

Parent Partners is a program in which one or more parents work directly with each teacher. The parent partner would be asked to coordinate parties and enlist volunteers for classroom help. The parent partner is the equivalent of a "Room Mother". Some teachers use them a lot, and some only a little. You will have an opportunity to sign up for this at the beginning of the year.

1997 launched Clarendon Avenue's first High Interest Day. Children had the opportunity to explore different areas of interest, whether it be a hobby or a career. They explored the world of meteorologists, funeral directors and race car drivers; to name a few.  The 2013 High Interest Day was a great success.  Call school if you have a hobby you would be willing to share with our students.

There are many opportunities to serve our school through the PTG. Other activities which are run or funded by PTG include: Picture Day, Red Ribbon Campaign, Ski Club, Staff Dinner, Teacher Appreciation, Fifth and Sixth Grade Basketball, Sixth Grade Picnic, Ice Cream Social, School Dance, Family Dinner and the Track and Field Day, to name a few.
Clarendon Avenue PTG's annual "Bring Your Favorite Man To Breakfast" was started in 1990. It began as an effort to encourage the men in our children's lives to become more familiar with their elementary school environment. A hearty breakfast of pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee, applesauce/blueberries and milk are served by volunteers. This event is attended by over nine hundred people yearly.

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