School doors open for students at 8:20 AM. Students are not to arrive before this time unless under contract with YMCA for before school services. Buses will arrive at school at approximately 8:20 AM. When dismissed from the bus, students are to come directly into the building and go to their classroom. Playground supervision is not provided before school. Staff will be supervising the unloading of buses as students arrive at 8:20 AM.

We ask for the cooperation of parents with children of “walkers.” Please do not allow your children to leave the house earlier than necessary for them to arrive at school at 8:20 AM. The crossing guard does not cross children until approximately 8:20 AM. Thank you for your assistance.

Anyone arriving prior to 8:20 am will need to use the outdoor button to access our office and be buzzed into the office.

Bus Routes are printed in the Mukwonago Chief and are available on our district’s website just prior to the start of school. If you have difficulty interpreting where and when your child is to be picked up, contact Dousman Transport at 262.363.7176. It is recommended that your child be at the appropriate “pick-up” point five minutes early and remember, it usually takes several days to get routes firmly established. In many instances, the bus may not be right on schedule. We ask for your patience with Dousman Transport and with us during this period.

All students are assumed to be picked up and dropped off at their home bus stop. A “Special Arrangement Request” form must be submitted for any situation different from this (i.e., child care, custody arrangements, etc.). Prior year requests DO NOT CARRY OVER. Request forms must be resubmitted annually and should be submitted by August 1st for the arrangements to take effect the first day of school. Parents that complete a new bus form will receive a confirmation from Dousman Transport indicating when changes will take place. (Kindergarten students will be notified by Dousman Transport regarding transportation in August.) Requests received after August 1st will go into effect 5 days after receipt.

Big Bend Elementary

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