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Big Bend Elementary School is located in Waukesha County. 


One of six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school of the Mukwonago Area School District.

Approximate enrollment is 400 students (early childhoon - 6th grade)

Three sections of 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades and two sections of kindergarten, 1st, and 4th grades. 


1842 - Vernon District #1 was organized. It later became Joint District #1 and was consolidated with the Mukwonago Area Schools, Joint District #10 in 1971. The school was also known as Big Bend State Graded.

1857 or 1859 - The first school building was built. Before a building was built, classes were held in private homes and the teachers went from house to house instructing students.

1860, 1861, or 1862 - Stone school building was built.

1919 - Structure (3 classrooms) built on the corner of what is now 164 and Edgewood Avenue.

1950 - Hot lunch program began in December.

1953 - New kitchen is built for the hot lunch program.

1954 - 4 classrooms added.

1957 - Principal, Jack Delaney, taught 7th and 8th grade in the morning.

1958 - Office complex, a gym, and 2 classrooms added. John F. Ronan was principal.

1960 - Leo Mulholand becomes principal.

1966 - 4 classrooms and a library were added. 

1970 - 6 classrooms added.

1972 - Guthrie Elementary consolidates with Big Bend Elementary (and other district schools) and closes.

1975 - Guthrie Elementary re-opens to house 5 kindergarten sections (122 students) for Big Bend Elementary (358 first through sixth grade students) which was running at it's capacity.

1976 - Old school bell is removed.

1978 - Principal, Leo Mulholland, resigns and Robert Brueggeman is hired as the new principal.

1981 -  Rennovations?

2000 - Principal Robert Brueggeman retires and Theresa Gennerman is hired as the new principal.

2000 - Computer lab with 29 computers and 4 classrooms are added and the library is updated. Guthrie Elementary which housed 2 kindergarten classrooms and 2 special services classrooms is closed. Kindergarten classrooms and one special services classroom move to Big Bend. The other special services classroom moved to Clarendon Avenue Elementary.

2005 - BBTV (Big Bend Television) debuts in the school library media center.

2010 - Principal Theresa Gennerman resigns and Shawn Waller is hired as the new principal.

2013 - Front door security system is added and the library receives a new computer lab with 30 computers.

2015 - The one-to-one technology initiative using Chromebooks begins with 6th grade. Personalized 5th and 6th grade learning team begins.

2016 - The Library Technology Center purchases a 3D printer and implements a MakerSpace (colLABoratory).

Big Bend Elementary

  • W230 S8695 Big Bend Drive, Big Bend, WI 53103
  • Phone: (262) 363-4401
  • Fax: (262) 662-1309